26th June 2023

The only ultra-efficient 2-in-1 laser for both therapeutic and surgical veterinary practice

Lumix® Surgery Dual Veterinary is the veterinary laser that includes therapy and surgery in a single technology

In recent years we have witnessed a constant and important evolution in laser technology.

In the medical field, laser technology is now a consolidated instrumental therapy considering the countless publications and the remarkable results obtained. Today, also the veterinary sector is involved in this “laser revolution”.

As in other sectors, also in veterinary medicine, the device supply is essentially divided into two categories: laser for therapy (therefore in the animal physiotherapy field) and laser for surgery (therefore in the animal operating field).

Vet Therapy

Therapeutic lasers are highly effective in terms of accelerating the regenerative processes of wounds, bone and cartilage biostimulation, pain therapy and the treatment of numerous musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies.

Surgical lasers, as the word itself says, have considerable feedback and results in the surgical field, as an alternative to the scalpel in cutting soft tissue.

All the lasers currently present on the market are either therapeutic or surgical.

Vet Surgery

Starting from 2016, FISIOLINE®, a pioneering Italian company in laser design and production, has developed surgical lasers and therapeutic lasers dedicated to the Veterinary: LUMIX® SURGERY VETERINARY for purely surgical purposes and LUMIX® C.P.S. VETERINARY for purely therapeutic purposes.

Thanks to the possibility of managing various diode sources (continuous, pulsed and superpulsed) with different powers and wavelengths, the engineering team of the Research and Development department has allowed FISIOLINE®, starting from the year 2018, to introduce into the veterinary market a new laser device model that incorporates the two previous models in a single dual technology. LUMIX® C.P.S.  VETERINARY + LUMIX® SURGERY VETERINARY = LUMIX®SURGERY DUAL VETERINARY.

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An important technological evolution that allows to use the same laser device for surgical purposes through the use of continuous diodes, but also for therapeutic purposes with the combination of a pulsed/superpulsed diode and continuous and fractionated diodes.

LUMIX® SURGERY DUAL VETERINARY is today the only laser on the market with both working methods, therapeutic and surgical, 2 in 1.

C.P.S. 650nm-810nm-910nm-980nm-1064nm.

This model has different versions according to the average power, from 9W to 31W, and based on the 5 available wavelengths:

650nm – 810nm – 905nm – 980nm – 1064nm.

LUMIX® SURGERY DUAL VETERINARY is the only laser to date to have a 650 nm continuous therapeutic red diode with an average power of about 400mW. This power allows to generate a healing process in extremely short times.

The device drives a continuous infrared diode with a single or multiple wavelength chosen among 810nm, 980nm or 1064nm, with high average powers from 8W to 30W. High average powers correspond to faster treatment times.

Nano technology is introduced by the 910nm pulsed diode: thanks to this construction technique a high peak power of 300W is generated, with 70ns nano-pulses, guaranteeing a high penetration depth and a low thermal effect. Furthermore, the high working frequency, up to 100,000 Hz, allows maximum efficacy in terms of biostimulation (e.g. osteoblasts). In fact, working with frequencies from 30,000 Hz to 100,000 Hz, the super-pulsed mode is reached. FISIOLINE® has been a pioneer in new laser therapies that adopt pulsed, super-pulsed and continuous diodes, mixing them and thus giving rise to the exclusive C.P.S® SYSTEM of its own conception.

These are diodes optically superimposed and mixed with optical fibers to achieve homogeneous irradiation on a single spot.

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For both operating modes, specific handpieces and related terminals are provided with dedicated working methods to optimize treatment effectiveness, be it surgical or therapeutic.

The technology was created to give the professional the possibility of having an extremely effective device both on a surgical and therapeutic level, versatile and complete.

The advantages are certainly economic as the investment is lower when compared to the purchase of two devices, a therapeutic laser and a surgical laser, but also of use, as the maximum versatility of the product can be exploited with surgical and therapeutic usage even during the same session. For example, in fact, it is possible to perform a surgical intervention with the surgical modality and, immediately after, using the therapeutic modality to optimize the post-intervention right away.

An absolute technological novelty that demonstrates how LUMIX® SURGERY DUAL VETERINARY is unique in its kind and can really be used for both therapeutic and surgical purposes without compromise. The only laser capable of fully responding to the definition of “all-in-one laser to double the operation”.