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    The multifrequency ultrasound in class E

FISIOSONIC® Veterinary the multifrequency ultrasound in class E for lesions and muscle contractures

FISIOSONIC® Veterinary is a new, small size ultrasound device, for physiotherapy and rehabilitation, using an innovative output stage called class E.

The mechanical efficiency obtained through the output stage in class E is decidedly higher than the one that can be obtained by means of traditional output stages and allows the operator to issue high powers on the patient in a constant and controlled way in relation to impedance of the tissues and with a limited thermal effect.

Multifrequency applicators

FISIOSONIC® Veterinary is a last generation ultrasound device that uses 1 and 3 MHz multifrequency applicators. These frequencies can be used separately or in joint mode during the treatment.

Besides traditional methods, FISIOSONIC® Veterinary has introduced two innovative functions: sequential treatment and automatic frequency switching.

Sequential treatment

The sequential treatment offers the operator the opportunity of using multidisc scanning applicators with a wide contact surface to be applied by common elastic straps. The ultrasound emission is sequential and allows the operator to carry out an automatic treatment on a wide surface with no need for a manual dedicated intervention.

Automatic frequency switching

The automatic frequency switching is obtained by the exclusive A.F.S. (AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY SWITCHING) device. This device makes it possible to exploit the various focalizations of 1 and 3 MHz frequencies at the same time, allowing to set different supplying times for each frequency. This feature allows the operator to obtain a focalized action.

Two operating modes: continuous and pulsed

The pulsed operating mode permits to modulate the energy (duty-cycle from 10% to 90%) in order to reduce the thermal effect and keep the peak pressure applied by the acoustic wave on the tissues steady. The output power density can be adjusted from 0 W/cm2 to 3 W/cm2.

Therapeutic indications

  • decalcification
  • reduction of soft tissues fibrocalcific lesions
  • articular/tissue mobility and distensibility improvement
  • chronic degenerative processes
  • tendineous, ligamentous and muscle pathologies

FISIOSONIC® Veterinary is specific for: lesions and muscle contractures, tendinitis, fibrous adhesions, fibromyalgia, muscle tension, bursitis, active hyperemia, articular mobility and tissue distensibility improvement

Preset therapeutic protocols

FISIOSONIC® Veterinary is equipped with preset programs for the main pathologies and free storage locations for personalized programs.

FISIOSONIC® Veterinary provides the operator the option to create customized programs for a patient and indicated for specific pathologies or areas to be treated, for rapid and efficient therapies.

Wizard: your multimedia assistant

A unique feature of the device is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device. Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the operator in selecting the therapeutic preset protocols focused on severe and chronic pathologies.

The pluses:

  • preset protocols
  • rapid research with the inner finder
  • free protocol selection
  • creation of personalized programs
  • upgradable via usb port


The user interface equipped with keyboard and graphic display has a decidedly modern and professional look.

Touch-screen display

The interface of FISIOSONIC® Veterinary in touch-screen version displays the parameters on a large color display that allows to remotely read and gives to the operator the possibility to select, modify and keep always under control the functions and the working parameters.

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