• Monopolar, bipolar and tripolar radiofrequency

    for face and body

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Fisioline Radiant® monopolar, bipolar and tripolar radiofrequency for face and body

Fisioline Radiant® is an innovative radiofrequency generator which administers energy via the passing of an electrical current with a monopolar, bipolar and tripolar, capacitive or resistive effect.

The basic principle of radiofrequency is heat induction by means of the administration of electromagnetic waves to stimulate natural cellular processes within biological structures in a non-invasive way.

4 models of radiofrequency to meet the needings of each operator

Fisioline Radiant® 200-300-400

High technology in 3 powerful and versatile models.

Available versions:

  • Fisioline Radiant® 200: 200W – 350VA of power
  • Fisioline Radiant® 300: 300W – 400VA of power
  • Fisioline Radiant® 400: 400W – 450VA of power
RADIANT 200-300-400 con nuovo DISPLAY

Fisioline Radiant® Mobile

Dynamic, compact and transportable radio frequency.

Fisioline Radiant® Mobile: portable version with 200W – 350VA of power and a practical carrying case.


Skin rejuvenation – Skin refreshing

Skin rejuvenation treatment with Fisioline Radiant® has the unique capacity to treat the signs of ageing on the face, neck and décolleté.

Radiofrequency treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production, for improved overall skin tone and texture, resulting in an overall face-lift effect.

The revitalising action of Fisioline Radiant® restores the cell activity, with an improvement of skin colour, density and elasticity.

Skin toning and firming

Treatment with radiofrequency diathermy Fisioline Radiant® counteracts sagging caused by aging and causes the contraction of the skin with a visible plumping and lifting effect from the first sessions, with a gradual improvement of the treated areas visible anytime between a few days and several weeks.

Cellulite, vasodilatation and drainage

Fisioline Radiant® has vasodilating and draining effects that promote the elimination of stagnant liquids, increasing the supply of oxygen to the cells.

Thanks to its effects on micro-circulation, treatment with radiofrequency is recommended for cellulite, circulatory and lymphatic stasis and loss of skin tone in the lower limbs, abdomen and upper limbs, where it allows to transport the energy and the heat to dermis and subcutaneous tissue. This results in an improvement of the micro-circulation and a correct restoration of the fibrous tissue with a marked reduction of the orange-peel effect and of the localized edema.

The pluses

  • Radiant Assistant: crash course of radiofrequency available in your technology
  • Energy power bar: an interactive system between operator and energy
  • Long-lasting results
  • Bipolar handpieces and resistive tripolar handpieces

Two modes of heat transmission

  • Capacitive mode
  • Resistive mode

The different modes of thermal energy generation and transmission, capacitive and resistive,

related to the target tissue typology and to the therapeutic objectives, allow the therapist the optimal ways to use the antalgic, trophic and mechanical properties of the checked administration of the heat, in the different phases post-traumas until the complete functional and anatomical recovery.

Triple effectiveness

Resistive bipolar and tripolar handpieces

An exceptional feature of Fisioline Radiant® are the circular and sphere resistive bipolar handpieces and the tripolar handpieces. Fisioline Radiant® has been one of the first devices to opt for resistive bipolar handpieces.

This application technique, which does not require the reference electrode, allows to define the treated area with resistive method. In the same way, with this method, it is possible to treat areas of the body such as the head and the neck which are untreatable with the monopolar method.

Fisioline Radiant® allows to opt for tripolar resistive handpieces as an alternative to resistive bipolar handpieces that, in particular applications, allow to optimize the distribution of the energy. The result is a focused dosage on the area to be treated, with the client’s pleasent sensation of warmth.


Fisioline Radiant® unique in its kind, offers the opportunity to choose up to 7 frequencies adjustments, which are selectable even during the treatment, both in resistive and capacitive methods, based on the depth of tissues which are to be treated.

7 frequencies:

  • because they work at different depths
  • because they treat different tissues
  • because they allow the maximum flexibility
  • because they allow different operating modes
  • because they personalize treatments

Automatic scanning of frequencies with Switching modality

The automatic scanning of the frequencies (from 448kHz up to 1000kHz or from 1000kHz up to 448kHz) offers the operator the opportunity to use at the same time the 7 available frequencies during the treatment, both in capacitive and resistive modes.

The automatic switching mode carries out a focused action on the different tissue depths bidirectionally, from the deepest to the most superficial tissue and viceversa.

More than 80% of efficency




Continued and pulsed emission

Fisioline Radiant® combines the continued and pulsed emission keeping under control the hyperthermia effects. Necessary in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies in the acute phase or in those treatments that have to be mainly athermic such as recent traumatic injuries.

The pulsed mode allows the operator to set the DUTY-CYCLE (adjustable from 10% up to 90%) and therefore erogation and pause times, customizing the therapy to the needs of each patient.

Controlled and measured energy thanks to the energy power bar

Fisioline Radiant® devices are equipped with an electronic meter that, through constant measure of the tension and current that flows to the patient, calculates the impedance of the treated area. The impedance measured in “Ohm” (Ω symbol) is constantly monitored during treatments and the energy transferred to tissues is displayed through an Energy Power Bar. This bar is divided into three sectors. The central sector (NORMOTHERMIA, green indicator) indicates an optimal energetic transfer. The filling of this Energy Power Bar is inversely proportional to the measured impedance, so the more the impedance decreases, the more the bar is filled (third sector, HYPERTHERMIA, red indicator). Vice versa, the bar remaining in the first sector (HYPOTHERMIA, blue indicator) indicates high impedance.

Energy Power Bar of fisioline Radiant

Wizard and treatment protocols

The Fisioline Radiant® technology features an intuitive use colour touch-screen user interface. The Wizard, a veritable digital guide to use, enables the operator to select, change and keep all operation functions and working parameters under control at all times.

Fisioline Radiant® enables the operator to use preset treatment protocols with intuitive and easy to understand parameters as well as the free adjustment of treatment parameters.

With Fisioline Radiant® the operator can create personalized programs designed for the client and indicated for the areas to be treated for rapid, focused and efficient treatments.

Touch-screen display

The interface of Fisioline Radiant® displays the parameters on a large touch-screen 7” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct device performance.

Radiant® Assistant: crash course of radiofrequency available in your technology

Multimedia videos associated to treatments.

Fisioline Radiant® presents an important innovation: the matching of preset therapeutic protocols to illustrating video tutorials, always available, updatable and usable directly from the device console, showing with details the movements to be done by operator during treatment. These training materials allow for a rapid use even for operators with no particular experience in the use of radiofrequency.

In-depth video YouTube

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