FISIOWAVE innovative technology in radar therapy

FISIOWAVE is a new, high quality instrument for microwave therapy. Radar therapy is part of the thermotherapies family and uses the electromagnetic waves of the microwaves frecuency band, which generate heat in treated tissues; an analgesic effect is consequently obtained, thanks to the heat that is deeply transmitted.

FISIOWAVE is equipped with an automatic regulation, POWERFUL SELF-PROTECTING GENERATOR (magnetron) with pulsed and continuous emission to obtain a peak power of 1600 Watt and a mean power equal to 250W.

The elevated PEAK POWER of FISIOWAVE allows for the administering of considerable energy in depth, for quick and efficient treatments in full safety for both patient and operator. FISIOWAVE is equipped with different safety systems which intervene in the case of improper supply or any malfunctions.

Interactive technology

Its easy set up and parameter controls, shown on a large backlit graphic display, as well as the simplicity in connecting available antennas make FISIOWAVE an extremely practical instrument. All parameters are managed and monitored by a state-of-the-art microcontroller.

Therapeutic protocols

FISIOWAVE offers 50 preset therapeutic protocols and 50 free memories for user protocols.

Articulated arm

FISIOWAVE has been carefully designed, with particular care to the functionality of the articulated arm, which allows for a full range of movement and easily supports, without problems, any type of antenna supplied with the equipment.

Display touch-screen

The interface of FISIOWAVE displays the parameters on a large color Touch Screen 7” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct laser technologies performance.