LUMIX® C.P.S.® Dental Laser Therapy

LUMIX® C.P.S.® is an innovative high power multidiodic Laser with C.P.S.® emission (continuous, pulsed and superpulsed) that performs effective photobiostimulation in the dental field.

  • PULSED and SUPERPULSED DIODE at the wavelength of 910nm.
  • CONTINUOUS MODULATING DIODE in wavelength frequency 810nm.
  • RED DIODE 400mW at wavelength 650nm.

The multi wavelength system C.P.S.®

  1. The triple wavelength (650nm – 810nm – 910nm) of the LUMIX® C.P.S.® Dental and the high peak power (100W) ensure especially deep tissue penetration.
  2. It is an exclusive, highly technological system by Fisioline® which permits the mixing of emissions of different types of laser sources, allowing for the overlapping of special characteristics such as high peak power of superpulsed sources and the high average power of the continuous sources at various available wavelengths.

The pluses of C.P.S.® system

  • Multi wavelength. Wavelengths selected to ensure the uniformity of energy distribution from the surface layers to the deeper layers.
  • Combination and synchronisation. The synchronisation and combination of different types of continuous, pulsed and superpulsed sources allows for direct intervention both on symptomatology and on the cause of diseases.
  • Overlapping: single spot. Optically overlapping diodes mixed with optical fibers to implement homogeneous irradiation on one point.

Reduced times

The high energy density, the different biostimulation of the different wavelengths and the thermal effect obtained with LUMIX® C.P.S.® Dental allow the user to work with extremely fast treatments, reducing the number of applications.

Effective, safe and customizable therapy

Wizard: your step-by-step guide

The Wizard leads the operator in selecting preset therapeutic protocols thanks to an intuitive software and a large color touch screen.

An interactive technology

LUMIX® C.P.S.® Dental is an extremely versatile and intuitive laser, allows easy control of energy dosage through automatic modulation of the supplied parameters in relation to the zone to be treated and the chronicity of the pathology.

LUMIX® C.P.S.® Dental provides the operator the option to create personalized programs designed for the patient and indicated for the specific pathologies and areas to be treated for rapid and efficient treatments.

Touch-screen display

The interface of LUMIX® C.P.S.® Dental displays the parameters on a large color touch-screen 4.3” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct device performance.

In-depth video YouTube

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