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    focalized action in depth


O.P.A.F.® THERAPY Veterinary the High-frequency soundproof Pressure Waves

O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY introduces a new method that, by exploiting modulated frequencies and varying emission, provides high power energies to tissues at different depths. The operator can now use an equipment that is safe, effective, highly tolerated by animals and usable for multiple pathologies.

Moreover, since the device works silently, the treatment can be carried out in a comfortable way and without scaring the animal. The therapy is performed with the animal in place without sedation.

OPAF THERAPY is a device for veterinary rehab

Incomparable power

O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY adopts an innovative multi-frequency piezoelectric disc 1 and 3 MHz with peak power density 5 W/cm2, a basic feature to transfer greats amounts of mechanical energy deep in tissues.

High power focalized action shocks in depth

  1. O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY is equipped with ONESHOT function, with controlled activation for high-dose focalized treatments. The ONESHOT function allows to exploit the energy emission at the maximum power (5W/cm2) in just one SHOT. Due to the high mechanical effect, the disintegration of calcifications is the main application of this particular function.
  2. Thanks to an innovative output Stage in Class E, introduced by Fisioline®, the power transmission to tissues by the O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY applicator is optimized and maximized. An instrument to detect the reference signal constantly analyzes the variation of impedance of treated tissues keeping the power density (W/cm2) automatically constant as established by the operator. The dispersion of energy is insignificant and the emitted energy is actually the selected one. This feature maintains the desired mechanical effect through the passing of the pressure wave to the different tissues.

Focalization of the emission beam

By setting different emission times for each frequency, operators obtain a double combined action with a variable effect: mechanical and thermal effects. The mechanical action reduces and resolves calcifications, the immediate release of joints and reabsorption of intramuscular liquids.  The thermal effect, superficial and deep, interacts directly with the displacement of liquids and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Maximum tolerability of the treatment

The pain sensation is significantly lower compared to conventional shockwave devices. O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY is also well-tolerated by the animal because it doesn’t emit a noise.

Therapeutic indications

  • Tendinous pathologies: the focus of treatment is to resolve tendinopathies in both chronic and acute phases
  • Ligamentous pathologies: the focus of treatment is for pain relief and reduction of inflammation
  • Muscular pathologies: antalgic effects, relaxing effects, de-fibrotic action, trophic effects
  • Scar adhesions
  • Inflammation
  • Stiffness and joint degeneration
  • Peripheral neuropatic pain
  • Neurities in general
  • Musculotendinous calcifications: with the O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY frequency switching, operators can treat calcifications with a great “disrupting” action that is well-tolerated by animals
  • Improves callus formation

Effectiveness from the first session

O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY is effective immediately from the first session on many pathologies such as bursitis, articular rigidity, muscle contractures and fibrous adhesions.

Rehabilitation, physiotherapy and traumatology

The biological answer to the treatment with O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY is the vascularization of the treated tissues and activation of new cells, essentials in healing processes.

This results in relief of pain and promotion of tissue regeneration. After the treatment with O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY, tissues react with an increase in metabolic activity.

Preset therapeutic protocols

O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY is equipped with preset programs for the main pathologies and free storage locations for personalized programs.

O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY provides the operator the option to create customized programs for a patient and indicated for specific pathologies or areas to be treated, for rapid and efficient therapies.

Wizard: your multimedia assistant

A unique feature of the device is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device. Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the operator in selecting the therapeutic preset protocols focused on severe and chronic pathologies.

The pluses:

  • preset protocols
  • rapid research with the inner finder
  • free protocol selection
  • creation of personalized programs
  • upgradable via usb port

Touch-screen display

The interface of O.P.A.F.® THERAPY VETERINARY displays the parameters on a large 7” touch-screen color display that remotely reads and gives the operator the complete control of the device performance.

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