• Enjoy the real lightness

Linfopress Beauty enjoy the real lightness

Linfopress Beauty is a peristaltic pressure massage with six differentiated sectors. Linfopress Beauty allows to obtain inflation cycles with a precise pressure regulation (from 0 > 200 mmHg) for each single sector, that can be set by the operator based on the treatment time ranging from 1 to 180 min.

Linfopress Beauty includes 20 preset operating programs divided into two categories: “Lower limbs” and “Upper limbs” and can store personalized programs in 20 available memories for this purpose.

Linfopress Beauty is a powerful appliance, which is easy to use for a sequential venous-lymphatic drainage of the lower and upper limbs. The action carried out by Linfopress Beauty is equal to the physiological pressure applied by a manual massage.

Linfopress Beauty is the effective answer to

  • leg swelling
  • poor circulation
  • edemas
  • lymphatic stasis
  • skin fibrosis
  • panniculitis

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