• The new multi-wavelength diode laser

    for epilation

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version the new multi-wavelength diode laser for epilation

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version is an innovative laser technology at double wavelength of 808-1064nm for progressive and permanent epilation. Lumix® Epil Med Dual version generates a laser beam with the combined action of two synergic wavelengths: 808nm and 1064nm.

The laser light penetrates the skin and it is absorbed by hair pigments inside the piliferous bulbs, with a subsequent rise in temperature and permanent destruction of hair follicle germ cells. The result is progressive and permanent depilation through the principle of selective photothermolysis.

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version adopts the Dual Wave System: the perfect combination of power (808nm) and efficiency (1064nm). The perfect mixing of the two wavelengths 808 and 1064nm simultaneously emitted, allows a wider field of action, guaranteeing a safer and even more effective epilation. Lumix® Epil Med Dual version offers extensive versatility and ease of use.

The pluses

  • Dual Handpiece: 1700W of power
  • Double wavelength: 808-1064 nm
  • Controlled energy over 100 Joule
  • Chiller Cooling System: cooling with chiller
  • Skin Cooling System: cooling with semiconductor (peltier)
  • Sapphire cooling up to -10°C on contact
  • Maximum irradiated area 3cm2
  • Operating modes: Single Pulse (5ms); Modulated Pulse (up to 20 Hz)
  • Wizard: a veritable digital guide to laser technology use
  • Preset programs of treatment for woman and man

Two independent water cooling systems

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version features a double and integrated cooling system: the Skin Cooling system, through peltier cells,

guaranteeing greater client safety and comfort during treatment, and Chiller Cooling system, featuring chillers for laser source temperature control.

Skin Cooling System up to -10°C

Thanks to the innovative system, the patient‘s skin is double cooled: both before and after the spot. Cooling ensures a great client comfort during Lumix® Epil Med Dual version treatment: the area becomes desensitized before emission and the skin is refreshed after the spot, while guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement for the operator.

Chiller Cooling System

The entirely automatic Chiller Cooling system maintains a constant cooling system liquid temperature, thus preventing the device and laser source from over-heating. This system enables prolonged device use; the operator can complete treatments over extensive parts of the body, with guaranteed source duration.

Operating methods

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version enables the selection of a range of emission types.

Single Pulse

Single Pulse is the single step emission method, perfect for small zones and maximum precision treatments.

Modulated Pulse

Modulated Pulse is a dynamic, rapid-action emission method. Thanks to the width of the spot area equal to 3.0 cm2 and the modulation of pulses, treatment times are halved, larger body areas can be treated in extremely short periods of time, while guaranteeing homogeneous and uniform treatment on all body parts. This modality is particularly effective for thin hair.

Wizard and treatment protocols

The Lumix® Epil Med Dual version device features a an intuitive use colour touch screen user interface.

The Wizard, a veritable digital guide to laser technology use, enables the operator to select, change and keep all operation functions and working parameters under control at all times.

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version enables the operator to use both preset woman/man treatment protocols with intuitive and easy to understand parameters.


Handpiece Dual for even faster treatments

The laser device is equipped with an ergonomic handpiece, specifically designed by Fisioline® and which ensures highly effective and fast treatment. The Lumix® Epil Med Dual version handpiece has a spot area of 3.0 cm2 and it is separable from the device. It ensures simple management and optimal maintenance.

It is a highly manageable applicator, compact and small in size. The handpiece holder rod, an integral part of equipment, ensures that operators do not become tired during application.

An interactive technology

Lumix® Epil Med Dual version is an extremely versatile and intuitive laser, allows easy control of energy dosage

through automatic modulation of the supply parameters in relation to the zone to be treated and the hair type.

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