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MODULO and MODULO PLUS Electrotherapy

Modulo and Modulo Plus have been designed in response to an increase demand for electrotherapy devices that can be easy to use and able to comply with different therapeutic requirements.
Modulo has two completely independent stimulation channels, electrically insulated from one another.
Modulo Plus has four completely independent stimulation channels, electrically insulated from one another.
Stimulation is controlled in current (CC) and voltage (CV). Each protocol can consist of a sequence of up to 4 phases and each phase can use a different shape of wave.

Modulo and Modulo Plus offer the operator the possibility, upon stimulation, of adjusting the current intensity of the single channel or of all of them at the same time.

Modulo and Modulo Plus work plugged to the mains or with a battery.
They are devices simple to use, equipped with a wide 7’’ color touch-screen display allowing the operator to keep all functions under control. The pleasant design and the user’s interface equipped with touch-screen have a decidedly modern and professional look.

The high generated current (over 120 mA) makes Modulo and Modulo Plus two of the most powerful devices of their category.

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Operating modes and available currents

  • Stimulation of the normally innervated muscle: balanced two-phase square wave, two-phase triangular wave, Kotz currents and physiological pulse.
  • Stimulation of the denervated muscle: exponential single- phase and two-phase wave, single phase and two-phase triangular wave, partially denervated.
  • Antalgic currents: Diadynamic (Single-phase, syncopated single-phase, diphase, syncopated diphase, short period and long period), Interferential (Bipolar, Isoplanar, Tetrapolar and Vectorial), AMF, TENS, rectangular wave and Spike (Continuous, Burst and Random), Faradic, (Rectangular, Triangular, Exponential, Neofaradic and Traebert).
  • Vehiculation currents: Ionophoresis, Iontophoresis, basic Galvanic current and Continuous Interrupted.
  • Electrostimulation for Sports Medicine: balanced two-phase square wave with automatic variation of the stimulation frequency, two-phase triangular wave, Kotz currents and physiological pulse.
  • Urologycal stimulation: two-phase square wave, two-phase triangular wave, physiological pulse.
  • High voltage electrotherapy: positive single-phase wave, negative single-phase wave (possibility of polarity inversion).
  • Microcurrent electrotherapy (MET): positive wave, negative wave, bipolar wave. The microcurrent electrotherapy, indicated to relieve pain, uses a low level current (microampere) emitted with long impulses compared to the TENS current. Unlike the latter, that have to be used in continuity to have prolonged effects, the microcurrents offer lasting and cumulative in time benefits.
  • Diagnostics: I./T curve innervated and denervated with calculation of chronaxie and reobasis. Square and exponential wave.

Smart interface with touch screen display

The interface of Modulo and Modulo Plus displays the parameters on a large color display that allows to remotely read and gives to the operator the possibility of selecting, modifying and keeping always under control the functions and the working parameters.

A unique feature of Modulo and Modulo Plus is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device.

Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the operator in selecting the therapeutic preset protocols focused on severe and chronic pathologies.

Large database of preset protocols: more than 200

for pathology, n. of program, body area

free setting of all emission parameters

data saving, 150 free storage locations, multiphase programs up to 4 phases


Available Modulo Plus Pro version

In-depth video YouTube

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