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    C.P.S.® Continuous, Pulsed and Superpulsed Lasers

Lumix Plus Lumix Ultra

The widest range of high power lasers with C.P.S.® SYSTEM and 5 available wavelengths

LUMIX® Plus and LUMIX® Ultra are innovative high power multidiode lasers with C.P.S.® emission (Continous, Pulsed and Superpulsed). The multi wavelength, the high peak power  and the high average powers that reach up to 35W (even at low frequency), allow a wide volumetric involvement of the treated area with the administration of a high quantity of energy in depth, guaranteeing a particularly high tissue penetration.

Main Features

  • Continuous, Pulsed, Superpulsed and C.P.S.® Laser emission
  • high peak powers from 300W to 600W
  • high average powers from 10W to 35W
  • real Superpulsation up to 100.000Hz
  • pulses in nanotechnology: 200ns
  • up to 5 available wavelengths
  • synchronous activation of the laser sources
  • optical overlap of laser sources spots

The unique high power Lasers with 3 kinds of different therapeutic diode sources

Superpulsed IR

from 300W to 600W

immediate analgesic effect, cellular biostimulation, acceleration of regenerative

processes, photobioactivation and rapid consolidation of biomaterials

Continuous IR

from 10W to 35W

anti-edema, draining,

decontracting effect

Continuous Red


cicatrization and faster tissue regeneration,

adjuvant of infrared light

Multi wavelength

It is important that the laser has a wavelength that falls within the so-called “THERAPEUTIC WINDOW”: LUMIX® Plus and LUMIX® Ultra emit wavelengths from 650 nm to 1064 nm.

Integration and Synchronisation: the C.P.S.® System

The synchronisation and combination of different types of continuous, pulsed and superpulsed sources allow for direct intervention both on symptomatology and on the etiology of the diseases. The overlapping and mixing of the spots allow to transfer more energy in depth, for a faster and more effective treatment, with less thermal effect. The treatment is more pleasant for the patient and offers results in less sessions.

Impulso CPS formato da 5 lunghezze d'onda

More than 9 emission modes

  • PW-SPW: single emission of the Pulsed-Superpulsed source
  • CWIR: single emission of the IR Continuous source
  • CWR: single emission of the Red Continuous source
  • CPW-CSPW: Synchronized emission of the IR Continuous source in continuous and the Pulsed- Superpulsed source
  • FPW-FSPW: Synchronized emission of the IR Continuous source in frequenced and the Pulsed- Superpulsed source
  • CWR: Synchronized emission of the IR Continuous source in continuous and the Continuous Red source
  • FCR: Synchronized emission of the IR Continuous source in frequenced and the Continuous Red source
  • PWR-SPWR: Synchronized emission of the Pulsed- Superpulsed source in continuous and the Continuous Red source
  • C.P.S.®: Synchronized emission of the 3 diode sources.

LUMIX® Plus and LUMIX® Ultra are the proper solution to guarantee an effect Photomechanical Photobiostimulant Analgesic Anti-edema Anti-inflammatory Cicatrizing

The real Superpulsation

The use of high pulsation frequencies (over 30 KHz: Superpulsation) exploits a new physical phenomenon: the photomechanical effect, that is the transformation, at a molecular level, of the luminous EM energy into mechanical energy. This increases the decontracting effect on muscle tissue, the analgesic effect on the nervous tissue and the elasticity of the fibrose tissue.

Therapeutic indications


Pain therapy


Sports medicine


Localized anti-edema

Rehabilitation therapy


Cervical arthrosis, Cervicalgia.


Trapezius myalgia, back pain, tendinitis, tendinopathies, arthrosis, contractures, bursitis, capsulitis.


Bursitis, Brachialgia, Epicondylitis, Epitrocleitis, Tendinopathies.


Low back pain, lumbar sciatica, contractures, herniated discs.


Contractures, muscle sprains and strains, contusions, apophysites, rectus addutoria syndrome, quadriceps and flexor muscle disorders, tendinitis, tendinopathies.

Parti corporali selzionabili da Lumix Plus Ultra


Plantar fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, Talalgia, Sprains, Distractions, Capsulo-ligament injuries, Ulcers, Morton’s disease, Tendinitis, Tendinopathies, Arthrosis, Bursitis.


Orofacial And Perioral Pain, Myotensive Headache, T.M.J., Neuralgia.


Arthritis, Dupuytren’s Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, De Quervain Syndrome, Styloiditis, Tendinitis of the Extensor and Flexor Muscle, Wounds.


Tendinitis, Tendinopathies, Arthrosis, Cruralgia, Coxarthrosis, Bone and tissue regeneration, Bedsores.


Chondropathies, Bursitis, Arthrosis, Edema, Hematomas, Tendinitis, Tendinopathies, Photoactivation of implanted biomaterials.

Wizard, your guide always at your side

A unique feature of LUMIX® Plus and LUMIX® Ultra is the Wizard, a step-by-step digital guide to use the device. Thanks to an intuitive software, the Wizard leads the Doctor and the Physiotherapist in selecting therapeutic preset protocols dedicated to the various pathologies both acute and chronic. Thanks to the Wizard the operator can select, modify and keep always under control the functions and the operatives parameters.

The plus:

  • preset protocols
  • rapid research with the inner finder
  • selection free protocol
  • creation of personalized programs
  • upgradeable via usb port

Interactive technologies

LUMIX® Plus and LUMIX® Ultra are extremely versatile and intuitive lasers, allowing control of energy dosage administred to tissues through automatic modulation of the supplied parameters in relation to the zone to be treated and the chronicity or acuteness of the pathology.

LUMIX® Plus and LUMIX® Ultra provide the operator the option to create personalized programs designed for a patient and indicated for the specific pathologies and areas to be treated for focused, rapid and efficient treatments.

Display touch-screen

The interface of LUMIX® Plus e LUMIX® Ultra displays the parameters on a large color Touch Screen 7” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct laser technologies performance.

Video tutorial

Fisioline ® presents an important innovation: the matching of preset therapeutic protocols to illustrating video tutorials, always available, updatable and usable directly from the device console, showing with details the movements to be done by operator during treatment.

Spacers according to the area to treat (diameter 30 and 60mm)

Articulated arm for automatic treatments

Available versions

In-depth video YouTube

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