• Low-frequency ultrasound

    device for localized fat deposits

Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF low-frequency ultrasound device for localized fat deposits

Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF is an innovative low-frequency (40 kHz) ultrasound device for cavitation.

At physiological level, through the mechanism of low-frequency ultrasounds, cavitation is achieved by gradually breaking down fat cells. The fat cells are broken down by the pressure exerted by the ultrasounds on the cell wall of the adipocyte, causing the implosion of the wall itself.

The fat contained in the adipocyte cell, which pours into the gap, is then denatured (from hydrophobic it becomes hydrophilic), and so can be transported via lymphatic circulation to the liver and kidneys and then eliminated. With this technology, it is possible to treat vast areas of panniculus adiposus in subjects with an excess of superfluous fat.

The pluses

  • Emission Frequency:  40kHz
  • Continuous and modulated emission
  • Smart Interface large Touch Screen colour TFT 7” display
  • Preset protocols
  • Wizard digital guide to use
  • Rapid research with the Inner Finder
  • Personalized programs with up to 4 phases
  • Video tutorial


  • Reduction of panniculus adiposus
  • Loss of weight

Treatments performed with Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF must be managed carefully by the operator: it is only necessary to work with a plication system without directing the ultrasonic beam directly to areas under which vital organs or bones can be found.

Wizard and treatment protocols

The Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF technology is equipped with a user-friendly colour Touch Screen user interface. The Wizard, a veritable digital guide to use, enables the operator to select, modify and keep always under control the functions and the operative parameters. Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF also offers the operator the possibility to use preset treatment protocols with intuitive and easy to understand parameters, as well as the possibilty to freely adjust the treatment parameters. With Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF the operator can create personalized programs designed for the patient and indicated for the areas to be treated for rapid, focused and efficient treatments.

Touch-screen display

The interface of Fisiosonic® Beauty Med LF displays the parameters on a large Touch Screen 7” display to remotely read and give to the operator control of the correct device performance.

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